Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Join us on Wednesday, August 29!

Our organization is growing, and we are very pleased at the positive response we have received by so many members of the community. It is more clear to us than ever that a large number of residents are outraged and angered by the unjustified firing of the Library Director and the "new direction" that the current majority of the Board is taking our library. Many people have already told us that they are interested in helping our mission of getting competent and motivated people elected to the Board next April to replace those who do not have the best interests of the library or the community in mind.

The next meeting of the "Support the Library" organization will be held next week, and we invite all interested people to join us to discuss candidates and strategies for winning the elections next April. Here are the meeting details: 

Date: Wednesday, August 29
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Heritage Presbyterian Church
Address: 965 Kuhn Road, Carol Stream

If you know of other residents who share our concerns about the actions or the philosophies of the current Board, please send them a link to this web site and encourage them to sign up on our mailing list so that they can receive updates about the work of this organization. Just click the "Get Involved" tab at the top of the screen to read more about the goals of this organization and to sign up by using our online form.

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