Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thank You Carol Stream!!

In a repeat performance of our victory two years ago, all three of our 2015 STL candidates were elected yesterday to four-year terms on the Carol Stream Library Board. 

Just as impressive was the fact that Nancy Bagdonas, Justin Lynch, and David Larimer received more than twice the number of votes than any of the opponents received in the election. This means that in two short years, our STL organization has completely erased the last vestiges of the previous destructive and dysfunctional Board led by Michael Wade, David DeRango, and Dominick Jeffrey and replaced them with seven highly qualified, intelligent, and motivated trustees who will serve the library and community well.

We wish to thank all of the residents in Carol Stream who supported our candidates, helped us to campaign on their behalf, and worked so hard to get our positive message out to friends and neighbors. Together, we have taken the final step in restoring ethical and responsible leadership to our Library Board. The future of our library looks very bright indeed under the leadership of the new Board.

We would also like to extend our deep thanks to Jim Bailey who will be retiring from the Board to relocate in Alabama so that he and his wife can be closer to family members. Jim has devoted many years to our Library Board and has served with distinction, even in the face of some of the most disgraceful actions our community has seen during the Wade/DeRango/Jeffrey regime. We are extremely pleased that he will be able to step down with the knowledge that our new Board is now in a position to serve the next generation of library users with a group of enthusiastic and dedicated trustees who share a positive vision for the future.