Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet the Candidates: Nadia Sheikh

Nadia Sheikh
I believe in transparency and accountability in government. I will investigate ways to enhance communication and interaction between the library board and the public. I am committed to returning calls, responding to emails, and discussing issues. When concerns are brought to my attention by the public, I will discuss them with the board promptly. I believe the library must be vigilant in continually re-assessing the needs and expectations of our large and diverse community. I would like to continue to expand services that our constituents value by creatively seeking alternate sources of revenue and operating our library system in a fiscally responsible manner. I want to keep the library great for today and right for the future.

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Why am I running for Carol Stream Library Trustee?  What is my motivation?

This is my 2nd time running for public office. Community service is a virtue that is too often overlooked in today’s busy world. I feel blessed to live in Carol Stream. My motivation for running for library trustee comes from my belief that personal satisfaction comes from working for and with other people. Currently, I am putting my career on hold as a healthcare administrator to take time to raise my 17-month-old daughter.  One of the reasons that public service is so appealing to me is the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds. Undoubtedly, my cultural diversity will be a great asset to the library board.

I believe that accountability and transparency are very important qualities to have in a leader. I promise to always listen to the needs of our constituents and be an enthusiastic advocate for our library within our region and at the state level. I will participate actively in meetings and other library activities and always promote our library. I will stay up-to-date on current local, state, and federal laws impacting the library and be informed of budgetary goals. In addition, I will seek funding to support library services and articulate our needs to local and state government officials.
I have a positive attitude and strong leadership skills to take on challenging projects. The ability to manage time effectively, remain organized, and juggle numerous tasks simultaneously has been vital in my previous roles. I believe that my qualifications along with my drive and enthusiasm would make me a good fit within the library board.

What contributions would I make?
I believe that the qualities the constituents of Carol Stream seek in a library trustee are well matched with the combination of my experience and education. I have a sincere interest in libraries because I spent a majority of my youth studying in libraries in pursuit of higher education. I hold a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles and an Associate’s degree in Chemistry. I hold a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Southern California, School of Policy, Planning, and Development along with a Certificate in the Management of Ambulatory Care Systems.

If I was asked to describe myself in one word, that word would be “driven”. I intend to make sure that the library has the strong operational and financial footing it needs to serve the needs of our community. Communication is key to our success as leaders and I intend to listen to our constituents to find out what they would like to change or what they would like to continue to see happen in our library.

From the wide array of services our library currently offers, it is evident that our library staff is passionate about what it does, cares about the people it serves, and enthusiastic about its facility. All of this creates a positive environment for learning and a group of people I would like to join.
If given the opportunity, my contributions to the library board will be my love of learning and intellectual discussion, my appreciation for laughter and human interaction, and my willingness to lead and to compassionately serve. My actions are based on those principles and give rise to a wide range of experiences that I am willing to share with other people. I look forward to being a board member because it will be a time of growth, a time of learning and maturing, a time of building experiences with other people who care about the same thing– making steps toward healing, trying to better society, and adding some good to the world.

Do I have a library card? How long have I had it? How often do I use it?
Yes--Five years. Upon moving to Carol Stream in 2007, one of the first things I did was hurry to the library to sign up for my library card. I visit our library at least two to three times a week with my 17-month-old daughter. I am so proud of our library staff because they are all so friendly and eager to help whenever I need assistance. I am an avid reader and like donating my read books to the library.

What impact have economic and technological changes had on libraries? How does a library remain relevant? How should its role in the community change?

The Internet has revolutionized how we obtain information. However, libraries should not be neglected as they offer so many benefits to our community. Libraries give access to countless books, periodicals, subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, CD’s, and DVD’s, free of charge to library card-holding patrons. According to the American Library Association, “Public libraries are the number one point of online access for people without Internet connections at home, school, or work”.

In times of economic uncertainty, a library is a very comforting place to go for resources and for a quiet atmosphere. Libraries also offer many valuable programs such reading programs, story hours, crafts, movies, and speakers for our adult and youth population. For people re-entering the workforce or those looking for a career change, the library is an excellent resource. I would like to continue to see our library flourish and offer services that are relevant to today’s society.

Masters in Health Administration and a Certificate in Management of Ambulatory Care Systems from the University of Southern California, School of Policy, Planning, and Development (USC).
B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Civic involvement:
Almost Home Kids Center Volunteer (a respite center for medically fragile children)
USC Midwest Alumni Club
Wheaton Franciscan Prayer Shawl Ministry
Free Mobile Health Clinic Volunteer
University of Minnesota YMCA Academic/Peer Counselor
Bilingual Teacher’s Aid
Battered Women's Clinic Intervention Project/Crisis Line Advocate

Meet the Candidates: Edward Jourdan

Edward Jourdan
If I am elected as a trustee to the Carol Stream Library Board, I will serve with integrity and accountability. I am very passionate about the library and will be very open to the public about concerns that they bring to my attention. I will make sure that the people of the village are heard in terms of their needs for moving forward.  I will be looking for ways to enhance and expand the services that the residents of Carol Stream have come to enjoy. I will be looking at alternate sources of revenue to help keep our library system financial sound.

I want to keep our library great and in tune with the times for the needs of our residents today and moving forward for the future because a strong library supports our community. I believe that in this age of technology that we need to be addressing strategies that will keep our systems up to date and continue to look at enhancements when needed.  I have been registered with the library since a week after moving here. I use many different services of the library and have seen it grow from what it was to the great facility it is today. I will strive as my number one goal to continue improvements in the library and to establish accountability.


I am married and have lived in Carol Stream since 1981. We raised 3 children that all went to school in this community and used the library in Carol Stream.

Civic Involvement
I was a paid on-call volunteer firefighter with the Carol Stream Fire Protection District for over 5 years.

Meet the Candidates: Dr. Bonita Gilliam

Dr. Bonita B. Gilliam

If elected as a trustee to the Carol Stream Library Board, I will serve with integrity, and I will uphold the best traditions in stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Responsible stewardship, I believe, will insure a vibrant library for current and future residents of Carol Stream.  A strong library system is the backbone of a strong community. I pledge to uphold the mission of the STL organization and serve with the interests of Carol Stream residents in mind.


I have lived in Carol Stream for 30 years.

B.A University of Illinois at Chicago in Elementary Education
M.A. and Psy. D. Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Standard Elementary 03 Teacher Certification K-9
Illinois Certified Professional Development Provider

Community Service/Volunteer Positions
Member of the Friends of Carol Stream Library
Member of the Cloverdale School PTA
Judge for the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technology and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO)
Member of Bullying Task Force in District 93 Middle Schools
Mentor for students at Glenbard North High School District 87
Tutor for students in the DuPage County Area Project (DuCaps)
Instructor for the disaster psychology unit for Community Emergency Response Team
Past member Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce

Professional Affiliations
Board of Directors University of Illinois College of Education Alumni Association
Illinois Counseling Association (ICA)
Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE) Executive Board
Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) International Honor Society

2010 Teacher of Honor from Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) International Honor Society in Education.
NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher under the High Objective Uniform State Standards of Education (HOUSSE)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Announcing the First STL Meeting of 2013

Now that we have turned over the calendar to begin a new year, it is time to focus our attention more clearly on the consolidated election in April in which five trustee positions on the Carol Stream Public Library Board will be filled.  Readers who have looked over the information and reviewed the media resources on this web site are fully aware of the destructive changes to our library that have been done by a new majority of trustees on the Board, and we are now gearing up for an important political fight to elect new trustees who will restore integrity and professionalism to Board proceedings.

As we announced in December, we are very pleased to announce that the STL Committee has selected a full slate of candidates for the upcoming consolidated election next April. The five candidates are active library users who are extremely knowledgeable about the key issues that face our library, and the committee has pledged to support their efforts in any way that they can. Jim Bailey is an experienced current trustee who has agreed to seek another term on the Board, and he will be joined on the slate by Bonita Berryman-Gilliam, Patricia Johnson, Edward Jourdan, and Nadia Sheikh. Information about some of the candidates and their views on library issues has already been posted in the “Meet the Candidates” section of this web site, and more information will be posted in the weeks ahead.

If you would like to join us to learn more about our efforts, the next meeting of the Support the Library organization will be held this coming Tuesday.  Here are the meeting details: 

Date: Tuesday, January 8

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Heritage Presbyterian Church

Address: 965 Kuhn Road, Carol Stream

If you know of other residents who share our concerns about the actions or the philosophies of the current Board, please send them a link to this web site and encourage them to sign up on our mailing list so that they can receive updates about the work of this organization. The direct link to the online form is below: