Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet the Candidates: Edward Jourdan

Edward Jourdan
If I am elected as a trustee to the Carol Stream Library Board, I will serve with integrity and accountability. I am very passionate about the library and will be very open to the public about concerns that they bring to my attention. I will make sure that the people of the village are heard in terms of their needs for moving forward.  I will be looking for ways to enhance and expand the services that the residents of Carol Stream have come to enjoy. I will be looking at alternate sources of revenue to help keep our library system financial sound.

I want to keep our library great and in tune with the times for the needs of our residents today and moving forward for the future because a strong library supports our community. I believe that in this age of technology that we need to be addressing strategies that will keep our systems up to date and continue to look at enhancements when needed.  I have been registered with the library since a week after moving here. I use many different services of the library and have seen it grow from what it was to the great facility it is today. I will strive as my number one goal to continue improvements in the library and to establish accountability.


I am married and have lived in Carol Stream since 1981. We raised 3 children that all went to school in this community and used the library in Carol Stream.

Civic Involvement
I was a paid on-call volunteer firefighter with the Carol Stream Fire Protection District for over 5 years.

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