Sunday, February 24, 2013

Check Out the STL Candidate Facebook Pages!

If you have not already looked over the outstanding Facebook pages that Patricia Johnson and Nadia Sheikh have created to support their candidacies for trustee positions, we invite you to see what they have posted:

Patricia Johnson’s Campaign Facebook Page:

Nadia Sheikh’s Campaign Facebook Page:

As you read their Facebook posts and see how active they are in our community, you will quickly see why they will make outstanding library trustees, just like the other candidates on the STL slate. These are candidates who are intensely interested in 21st century library issues and important local community projects that benefit needy residents. In just the past few weeks, they have written about their interest and personal involvement in the following:

- The Carol Stream Community-Wide Food Drive sponsored by the Rotary Club
- Participation in the DuPage County Farm Bureau program to aid local food pantries
- Analysis of articles about the future of libraries and their importance to communities
- Commentary on current books available to residents, particularly parents and their children
- Information about local events related to books and digital resources
- Active involvement in Chamber of Commerce and area business conferences
- Special programs at the Carol Stream Library including seminars for unemployed residents
- Reliable statistics about the increasing value of libraries in the 21st century
- Information about innovative programs and services at other libraries

Once you have a chance to read the many posts that Patricia Johnson and Nadia Sheikh have added to their Facebook pages in recent weeks, you will see all of the qualities that residents expect in their library trustees. Just like Jim Bailey, Bonita Gilliam, and Edward Jourdan, these candidates are all avid library users and their vision is to take our library to new heights with enhanced technology and ongoing support for the programs and services provided by the professional library staff.

Be sure to vote on April 9 to restore integrity, professionalism, and fiscal responsibility to the Carol Stream Library Board!

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